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Helplessly Hoping

Title: Helplessly Hoping (A Piece of Hope Book 1)
Author: drainbamage954
Beta: thesockmonster
Rating: PG-13 (currently)
Pairing: Chanyeol/Jongin
Side Pairings: Yura/Jongdeok, Jongdae/Sunyoung (Luna),
Length: 150 284 words
Summary: Reality is in the eyes of the beholder. Sometimes it takes another person to open those eyes and finally see the world in full spectrum.
Genre: realistic fiction, slice of life, romance
Warnings: This story includes Lu Han as a character. [spoiler]poverty, referenced past minor character death, past prostitution/sex selling for profit, past dubcon, physical exhaustion, self imposed rationing/starvation
Notes: It’s been so long since this was begun, but finally it’s made it. This is dedicated to Ang, also known as galbijiim or keuroket on twitter/tumblr, and without whom this wouldn't exist in the first place. Thank you, my soul mate birthing partner Kai to my Chan, for bringing this into my world and being so patient and supportive. Thank you so much to the exordium mods, who have been beyond understanding and supportive of me during this process. You guys are amazing. A huge thank you to my amazing beta, Bunny, without whom I would not be here sharing all of this with you and to Jenn, who gave me so much support and information when I asked. Thank you so much to the team behind me for helping and to all those who never gave up on me, especially Reeza and Frances. Thank to you everyone whose stories are in this, who let me listen to them and were honest and open with me. This story was inspired by Bastille's cover of What Would You Do? and the writing/soundtrack playlist can be found here.

It's just past four in the afternoon. . .

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Tags: genre: realistic fiction, genre: romance, genre: slice of life, pairing: chen/luna, pairing: jongdeok/yura, pairing: kai/chanyeol, word count: 100-200k, year: 2015
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