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Appreciation, Announcements and the Next Chapter~


We've made it, guys—through 9 months of organizing, 6 months of writing, and 1 month of posting and reading and celebrating! It has been a fabulous journey with you all, but it's not over yet!

The Exordium, the beginning of anything, has turned into a lot of concrete and wonderful somethings through the tireless efforts and literary visions of our participants to realize their longfic writing goals. Whether you have been involved as a writer, team leader or participant, proofer, beta, reader and commentor, or loyal supporter and friend of any of the above, we would like to take a moment to extend our gratitude and warm wishes to you all, and appreciate how far we've come together.

For some of us it's been a rough journey and for others of us it's been fun times, but no matter what life has thrown at us over the past several months we hope you all have found encouragement from other writers and fandom participants as well as a safe space to challenge yourselves to write the longfic you've always dreamed of but just didn't have the time or chance to write. And even if time and circumstances didn't allow for your story to be posted during the official posting period, we welcome participants to post their subsequently completed Exordium stories to the Complimentary Collection, more information to be found on the posting guidelines. Let us know if you have any questions!

Regardless of your final word count or results, everyone who participated is a winner in our book and we hope you will consider joining us again in the future. This is not the end of our beginning—the mods are pleased to announce that The Exordium will be returning for a second round with sign-ups tentatively slated for January 2016! We are also excited to introduce the_primordium an affiliated longfic challenge open to any Kpop fandom that will be happening simultaneously.

The mod team has reshuffled and streamlined a few things to hopefully create an improved experience for participants, the details of which will be announced closer to sign-ups. The focus and goal of these two challenges will remain the same: to facilitate a longfic writing challenge with the support of a writing community, and to promote the finished works within fandom. As a part of this larger project, we'll be adding to the mod team, and are pleased to introduce Mod G who will be working alongside the existing mods. Feel free to check out the comms and watch them to stay tuned for updates ;)

With grateful hearts and happy hugs,

love from the mods R & A

You may now crosspost your stories. Please do keep in mind that your Exordium story is an official story authored by you, with your name on it. If you choose to make edits to your crosspost, it would behoove you to edit the Ao3 story as well. The mods are always available if you have any questions!

Contact: comment on this post (anon is on, screening is off) or tweet or dm @the_exordium or email exordiumchallenge@gmail.com or PM or ask.fm.
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thank you SO MUCH for holding this challenge, mods! top-notch organization and assistance. you two are the best c: ♥

congratulations to everyone who finished and thank you for all the wonderful stories! :D
thank you so much mods, for organizing this challenge! i didn't know hani and i had it in us to be able to finish writing 42k of fic, and despite all the bumps on the road we've encountered, surprisingly, we were still able to finish our fic. thank you for being patient with us and encouraging us every time we've encountered problems.

congratulations on a successful longfic challenge, and thank you for such a great opportunity!
Huffs at mods for creating another exchange bless be Mod G for helping out <33 :p
All joking aside this exchange turned out amazing and I've enjoyed everything I've read and can't wait to find time to read the rest \o/ chocolates and cakes for all the writers for accomplishing such a feat you guys are amazing~~ until the next round <3
Thank you so so much everyone! I'm glad people were inspired to write that story they'd always wanted to, and if not there's always next year!! I can't wait to read through this challenge <3
First of all, thanks so much Mods R & A for sacrificing your time and energy on putting forth this epic endeavor! You were the architects, engineers and builders of the Exordium Challenge and you deserve all the love and accolades for getting this off the ground. Also it has been so much fun getting to know other writers and having the opportunity to write in such a collaborative way through sprint sessions and DM conversations ^^.

Congratulations to every writer who's contributed a fic to this collection for completing the challenge! Also thanks go out to all the betas of Exordium--betas are often unsung heroes and I'm glad they've all been acknowledged here. Last but not least, thank you to the readers for supporting Exordium with your time reading the fics, for kudos and comments and much love to you all! For the silent readers, we hope to hear from you some time, but thank you so much for reading too! ♡

I think I speak for many of the writers who participated, when I say that most of us might never have gotten round to starting let alone finishing a fic of 20k. I'm still ecstatic and in a mild state of shock that I managed to get 40k down /cries. And I really really wouldn't have done that without this challenge to push me--not to mention your constant words of encouragement and shared sprint sessions. You have really been Angels with a capital A and you've made such a huge contribution to ficdom with this project AND I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! Okay and myself, I'm proud of myself for not giving up at the 12k mark negl LOLOL.

I wish you every success with Exordium 2016 and I hope to be a part of that too--RL permitting! Good luck with Primordium! I'm sure it will do just as well as its sister Exordium has done.

Thank you thank you for everything and see you again next year!!!!

Once again, a huge thank you for the mods for being absolutely awesome throughout this exchange. Thank you for giving me (as a writer) and all other writers, I'm sure, the chance to challenge ourselves and push our boundaries. I know personally that without this chance, I wouldn't have been able to finish my fic at all, so this challenge has been a great motivation for me. Thank you for working so hard with the team match-ups, beta match-ups and proof-reader match-ups. I appreciate everything that you have done and I hope that you guys catch yourself a break in between!

To all the betas and to mine personally, I still cannot thank you enough. It was a completely new experience to me and I've learnt so many things and I know how hard you all work behind the scenes! This really couldn't have been done with you, as our guardian angels, honestly. You deserve more praise than I can give, so please understand my lack of coherent words.

Thank you to all the readers who have given the challenge love. It has been an amazing run with you all and I hope that you all enjoyed yourselves.

To all the writers, great work! And thank you for your wonderful contribution. I am absolutely proud and amazed at all the amazing things this community has created over the last six months! I am extremely happy that I have so many great, long fics lined up to read. I will come around to all of them when time permits.

And for the 2016 round, I will be quietly looking forward to it!
First and foremost, a huge thanks and congratulations to Mods R & A. Without you guys, all of these wonderful fics would not be here. Thank you for creating this wonderful environment for writers to finally have their ideas come to fruition. Thank you for being patient with all of us. I have to personally thank you for putting up with my countless extensions. OTL Thank you for being such amazing mods! And you deserve a lot of congratulations!!

Of course, congratulations must be extended to the writers, betas, and proof-readers as well! You made the seemingly impossible come to life. Congratulations to the writers for pushing through despite all the blood and tears that have been shed, and all the brain cells that have sacrificed themselves. Congratulations to the betas who walked with us writers throughout this journey and stressed with us. Thank you! Congratulations to the proof-readers for fixing up all that we missed. Thank you!

I want to thank Adele again for letting me join her sprint room and everyone I've encountered there. Thank you for encouraging me!

This has been such a tiring but fulfilling ride! I'm excited to do this again next year! Once again, thank you and congratulations everyone!
A huge, huge thank you to our lovely mods for running this challenge! You've both done an excellent job! I really enjoyed this challenge, so thanks for giving us this longfic writing opportunity. ^_^

Also, apologies to Team Pansy for being such a fail leader, but I'm so excited to read all of your fics. I'm glad I got to meet you all! And Team Iris, thank you for all your support too <3

And a special thanks to my lovely co-author Ren! <3 It was a crazy ride putting our collab together but it was so much fun. Thank you so much for saying "hey, we're doing this longfic challenge thing, wanna write a crossover?" back in January. And thanks for indulging in my ridiculous crack ship. lol Can't wait to do more collabs in the future :)

Lastly, thank you to anyone who read our crazy fic. I hope you enjoyed it! And I'm looking forward to wading my way through all the fics for this year's challenge. See you all next year!

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