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I Know Places We Can Hide

Title: I Know Places We Can Hide
Author: vocalline
Beta: g_odalisque13
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s)/Focus: Jongin/girl!Jinki (Kai/girl!Onew)
Side Pairings: girls!Key/Jonghyun/Minho, Taemin/girl!Chanyeol, girls!Lu Han/Minseok, Jongdae/girl!Joonmyeon, mentioned Yunho/girl!Jinki
Length: 20,044
Summary: When college students play dumb games, things happen. What you choose to do with those things can change your life.
Genre: College AU, slice of life, angst,
Warnings: [spoiler]alcohol use, underage drinking (everyone is 18+ however drinking age in the US is 21, and this is a rather ambiguous college town setting), one scene of physical violence with a bit of blood, for those that are a bit squeamish. Baekhyun being a pest
Notes: Title from Taylor Swift's "I Know Places". Huge thank yous to the absolutely wonderful mods, and to Team Pansy for looking over my outline and letting me bounce ideas off of you. Thank you to g_odalisque13 for looking this over so last minute, and even though it was mostly just flailing and I didn't even give you time to read all of it orz♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ . And to all of the authors out there who write longfic regularly, you are an awesome bunch of people. This has been a true challenge for me and my longest fic to date. I don't understand how you do the things you do but bless you ♥︎

“I agreed to come here and hang out, not to come here and play high school games with a bunch of drunk undergrads.”

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Tags: genre: angst, genre: college, genre: slice of life, pairing: chen/suho, pairing: minho/jonghyun/key, pairing: onew/kai, pairing: taemin/chanyeol, pairing: xiumin/luhan, word count: 20-50k, year: 2015
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